You Feel Bad About You

by elemantra

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"Elemantra have what it takes to go the distance, it's certainly a space worth watching." - Kev W, The Sound Of Confusion

"Almost everything that could’ve been criticized on Kelly has been fixed here. The production is better, the sound is more consistent, and the band just sounds more comfortable playing together. Everyone sounds like they know the songs inside and out, with lots of syncopation between everything at once." - Brendan Nixon, Sputnik Music

"When these guys rock, they fucking rock, and this album was an absolute joy to listen to. I'd recommend [You Feel Bad About You] to anyone who'd want to hear an emo incarnation of pop-era Cure. Good stuff." - Shawn, Rate Your Music

These songs were written over the course of a few months. It is the first thing we have ever made that feels like a cohesive piece, something that is a snapshot of a certain time. Every song was self recorded and produced in Salamanca and Fredonia, NY by Justin. It is our hope that you will feel a little worse about yourself after hearing all 10 tracks.

All music by elemantra


released June 28, 2015

Justin: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Brent: Guitar, Vocals
Nick: Bass
Jonah: Drums, Tambourine

*Keyboards on Clovers and Bermuda as well as additional vocals on Bermuda by Luke Stewart



all rights reserved


elemantra Salamanca, New York


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Track Name: I Wish I Could Swim
in the water
gravity holds me down
moonlight bends to my eyes
there is no sound
my breath is endless, though it seems
time is stopped and i am found
sound asleep

someone hates in the back of the room
we're all friends
but there's not an ear for you
i won't lie i hate us too

i wish that i could swim
this pond is getting too thick again
could you please make it thinner

now my face feels hot
i've given all i've got
but im sure you know this
i want you to know this
must i say these things?
you won't walk with me
the saddest moment
we're without a purpose

and how am i today when the lights tighten?
with the insects inside them
to patronize you and i

i wish i could swim in this pond
it's hurting me again
could you please say i'm better?

Lyrics, first stanza is Brent, the rest of the song is Justin
Track Name: We All Know
pretended like a window
it would take everything you have to not see through this fool
for now i'll sit between you two
and argue on both sides why we're blue

i could crawl inside
what would i even do if i woke up okay?
put myself where i can't feel abuse
it's so warm, i'm colder than you

let it drain
so no one goes insane
we all know why we all feel the same

let it drain
so no one goes insane
we all know why we all feel the same
let it drain
and hope that it helps
i'm so bored it's hard, hard to tell

Lyrics, Justin
Track Name: Bermuda
i've heard these same sounds
but some sing too sweet to decline
lately i find it hard to try
'cus everything gets WORSE IN TIME

when it rains it pours
(the feelings broke and worn)
the water collects on open sores
(like we're all stillborn)

you took it for granted
the grains of salt, the paint on the walls
the clouds above, the rain that falls
it cleans us all

Lyrics by Justin, except for last stanza which is by Brent
Track Name: Saccharine
i'd always stop at the trees
a white room, blank tv
the dew would stay so long
but that's alright i'd wait, i'd listen

there was so much fun
pictures aren't enough
no one could see a thing
better meant nothing

hey, i know you want to go
but don't you like your play clothes?
it's okay the stains can show
no doubt hangs on you
so warm inside your homes for you
a waste of tinfoil hopes

i like these thoughts
my streets were soft
from these boys' shoes that i outgrew
but they still fit

Lyrics, Justin
Track Name: Should Sleep
so warm but i can't stay
discomfort that warrants the days
i pick words for your eyes your blind
my arms are tired from wasted time

I know that should sleep
but in my dreams i am weak

i need something to make up for what i lack
knock me out but i'd still ask "what's in your hand?"
why don't we stop trying? 'cus i can't sit still
i'm a hypocrite who is not special

i know that i won't sleep
the ceiling is always cruel

I'm too deaf to hear if anyone's sincere
and if they are they will go far away from here
although i'm bruised i still feel everything
anyone can say that they're a friend

Lyrics, Justin
Track Name: Clovers
of all the darkness that covers your will
what is it you want to make me feel?
so sparingly you mutter and kill
what is it you want to make me feel?

And if there is some reason in youth
i'm way too scared to fail in truth
the force fed guilt that imprisoned you
is moving freely all the way

of all the darkness that covers your will
what is it you want to make me feel?
so rare you rest where others only kneel
in the rain we'll all fade and peel

of all the darkness that covers your will
what is it you want to make me feel?
time can heal what was blind and real
but it hurts as bad as it always will

Lyrics, Justin
Track Name: Bunny
i don't force my regrets
you're porcelain dolls
calendars act as gauze
we say it works

strum a chord
i am a mess, i thought it worked
and i hope that i could honestly care less
that she's up north

nothing's new to pioneer now
used taboo has sunk to depression's prowess
i know that all bunnies hop

living, breathing, happy and content
reaching, starving, pointless and dejected

Lyrics, Justin
Track Name: Penelope Isn't Real
as she stands next to me
her heart as heart as pillows
and i believe that shame
is in the eye of the beholder

but i guess we're wired to be sad
all the eyes would only scare me

but it's not so bad
and someone should owe me
prettiness can trump almost anything
and i will be jealous and not as fun

i'd never think that she would even consider
but as we rest we wrestle wet blankets

it's easy to avoid the blame
when it all looks the same
life against a grey scale
never bleeding outside of the frame
and in my own way, i'm wasting away
and i fear that what i do won't mean anything to anyone

you could say that i'm forgetful
i hope that i can improve it's not beyond me
please take me back to where i remember when
we had a blank slate

i know she'll break my heart for normalcy
penelope, so clean
in utero we bleed
it's all just not for me

Lyrics, Justin