Foreign Breath

by elemantra

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"The reverb and feedback-based shoegazey guitar sound is present as ever. The layers of guitars add to the catchiness of the songs, combining the best bits of Smashing Pumpkins, Built To Spill and Sunny Day Real Estate. This grants the album an undeniable charm. Elemantra could've really been up there competing with Billy Corgan and everybody else all the time for the top charts spots."
- Daniel Dias, Sputnik Music

"‘Peach Fuzz’ is a swift, sharp, shock of melodically brilliant alternative shoegaze with intricate instrumentation and those instantly addictive vocal lines …."
- Primal Music Blog

"Foreign Breath is a musical haunted house that hits you with unexpected bouts of nostalgia instead of jump-scares."
- Jude Noel, Half-Gifts

"And that’s the biggest strength of Foreign Breath: I don’t want to cherry pick favorites. This album works so well as an “album”, it would be sinful not to check it out from top to bottom. With lush production for a self released indie effort, and catchy pop melodies, check out Foreign Breath by elemantra, and pick up a hand made CD from their store."
- Christopher W, Mister President Music Blog

This is what we would officially call our second album. We put a considerable amount of time, hard work, thought, and passion into this group of songs. All of which were written over the course of about a year and, like everything else we've released, it is all completely self recorded, mixed, and blah blah blah. To put it short, we are very proud of this release. Foreign Breath captures the main idea behind elemantra which is to have a varied sound that still feels cohesive. That was something I felt we strayed from on YFBAY, but fortunately we were able to break out of the comfort zone we had on that to create something familiar, but different. I sincerely hope you enjoy this album as much as we all do. Thanks for taking the time to listen, or even just clicking on the link.

- Justin

Dedicated to Prince


released July 19, 2016

Justin - Guitar, Vocals, 6 String Bass, Keyboards, Melodica
Brent - Guitar, Additional Sounds
Nick - Bass
Jonah - Drums, Percussion



all rights reserved


elemantra Salamanca, New York


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Track Name: Peach Fuzz
sew the pink and all the red
together to create
something that you'd be proud of to say
she danced while she cleaned today
he slept for too long again
I don't wanna be that kind of man

far from being perfect
err on the side of neglect
but no one wants to have that kind of plan

maybe i'm much too picky
maybe I'm afraid it's just a game
coffee black with sugar walls
try and find me if i say nothing

maybe i'm much too picky
stealing time and sex i'm ashamed
coffee black with sugar walls
you won't find me if i say something

i'll just sit here and wait for some
ch-ch-ch change
Track Name: On Dry Land
I can only be what's within arms reach
say shit I don't mean
Inhale a toxic scene
Pluck those notes for me
I don't feel well much anymore
Xanax at the door

You're all on dry land
And am I too?
Well that depends
A foreign breath
Comes and goes into my head
But am I sick?
Well that depends in truth

Who do you know?
I'm Just upset so I point
Where the blame should go
Dizzy eyes hide beneath the flower's hug
The king and queen have all but given up

It ain't right
And goodnight

If it feels not quite right
I can only hope it is
Let my worried mind back in
Track Name: Hands of Nebraska
Waiting takes time
Splitting hairs until I'm bald or unsure
Asleep so soon?
I guess I knew that I wouldn't let her bloom

Hey you seem sad to me
But so young, we should try to stay that way
What can I do about my ugliness? With sad eyes I hope it's me that you miss

Rot and drop my seed
Hate me for being me
Track Name: My Friends
My friend has a few problems
My friend across the hall
My friends are in the past tense
Ain't it so silly somehow? Yeah

I see beyond the frozen grass
Into the rust new parents pass
But That's not what gets to me
No its the time I bleed
Wasted songs sing endlessly

My friends are in the past tense
And as lonely as can be
Ain't it silly that I don't get
How to be happy?
I guess it's not my color but it looks good on you

I know I know I rarely speak
Come back come back I'll make you see
What is it now you can't believe?
I fucked up most everything

I'm so bored
I know I dance like a marionette, pull the strings and my heart bends

To me to me it just seems strange
Toss out a word in passing
Do my lies corrupt my blame?
Could they believe in anything?

I'm so old
Thoughts in a jar for a rainy day
I'm too soft to push things my way
So I wait
Track Name: Skin Walker
There once was a right time
Where I could write a line
It wouldn't mean a thing
But it was always mine, yeah
A night of nosebleeds
Sweet, you're so sweet
Put me in my place
Cus I'd hate to stay awake again

I can't change the shape
I'll stay another day
Love without a try
There's a chance, to live another life

I don't really care
I know that I'm blue
My tongue in my cheek
But I'm ugly to you, yeah
Not a thing on TV
And a potent scent of weed
Tonight we'll be free
From the ghosts and the greed in me

My fears are as far as I can throw you
Such foolish songs, I'll sing to you
No one knows where dreams float to
But I'd search for those songs
To sing to you
But no one wants me to

I can't change the shape
Of my ugly face
Love without a try
There's a chance, to find a reason why

Love is fear and fear is lonely

Stop, you should listen to whatever keeps the whore from your head
If I snore in my sleep, will I wake up and not feel a thing?
Don't try to understand, pretend you have no demands
Love that little kid, he only wants you happy
Track Name: Prendergast
Safe there, what's your story?
Break bones but never worry
New clothes and someone's only
Happenstance will end me and you

You could always find a way
To fuck around and get killed
At least I'm not bored

Medicate and shower daily
Cell phone and breath of babies
Innocent until proven guilty
Of course this mystery is news

Who am I to kiss?
I'm Just a little boy fatherless
The only thing that's free
Costs an ammunition fee
Track Name: One Hundred Bees
I think I feel
Cannot move just still
Wake up asleep, eyes forced to close
They tell me

You must calm down
I must calm down
Track Name: Flower Bored
I would write a thousand words
If I thought that it'd mean the world to you

We're here again
The ice is mine
Your sun will shine

I would write a thousand words
If I thought that it'd mean the world to you
But I think i've lost my patience and my grace
Just like this summer heat
It won't stay

Dancing in a heat mirage because we're close
But I know we won't be the same
Blooming back and forth
I'm flower bored
Will we be the same?

Bend, don't break
It's my mistake

Summer runs through the winter months
I don't like it but that's not enough
Sour love on my sunburned taste buds
I'm not bitter I'm just hanging on
If our hearts ring out of tune
They'll harmonize in June
I thought of you and what I should do
I don't want to waste you

I love you
Track Name: Cute Things
Hey, I know you
You always glowed through several rooms
Now you're you
Watch me wish for some hope

There's some things I want to say to you
But I'll say them when we're sad
There's somethings I'll never say to you
So I'll leave them under your bed

Enoughs enough, I know
You're so alone
Stay right there, I say
It won't hurt to obey

Some ugly day
A strange pain came and took my smile
But I don't mind
Because cute things will bury me in time

There's some things I want to say to you
But I'll say them when we're sad
There's somethings I'll never say to you
So I'll leave them under your bed

Enoughs enough, I know
You're so alone
Where did you go? I wanna know
I'll cut you down so fucking slow
Track Name: If God One Day Struck Me Blind
At least 3 times a week
I force myself awake
Be that as it may
I'll hear it all on Saturday
In the blackest room somewhere
Your dirty blonde affection
I follow you up the hill
But I'm dragged down back home

Another game started with you
Ugh, but this one isn't fun
As far as I can see
You are necessity
No one has to know
See how far we go
Goin up the hill I like the view
Someone's probably proud of you

At least 3 times a week
I see some mistake
Be that as it may
I'll feel different on Saturday
In the blackest room somewhere
A hit n run passion
I climb my own mountains
Could she reciprocate?

But maybe she'd say something
Like tell me where to go to eat

In time I know I'll be in the blue
In 40/50 years well you'll be dead too
Love is a conquest to say you've done that and
Everything you do you know you can't have it back
I'm so worried that I waste my days
God doesn't give em but he takes em away
She's not for me, no she's hardly real
Unlike myself, I'm the real fuckin deal
Fight like a fool and you'll mess up your clothes
Who am I kidding? No one, even that I know