Flower Bored

by elemantra

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A song off of our next album, which will be finished up and released in a few months or so. It will contain the best music we've ever written, for sure. It doesn't feel as comfortable as "You Feel Bad About You", instead we are pushing the boundaries of of our familiarity with our sound. Not just from a songwriting stand point, but a lyrical one as well. I feel as though we aren't afraid of failure with these songs, where as with YFBAY, we worried if we were being too much of something, if people would think it is silly, or if it didn't have a certain feel. These newer songs feel much more open and free. I'm not saying they're revolutionary or genre defying at all, but to us they feel fresh.

Flower Bored is the first song we wrote for the new album. I wrote it relatively soon after writing Penelope Isn't Real, the last song from YFBAY. We hope you enjoy it, and we also hope you keep an eye for the new album. Thanks for listening.

- Justin W.


released March 3, 2016

Guitar, Vocals, Synth - Justin W
Guitar - Brent B
Bass - Nick B
Drums - Jonah R



all rights reserved


elemantra Salamanca, New York

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Track Name: Flower Bored
I would write a thousand words
If I thought that it'd mean the world to you

We're here again
The ice is mine
Your sun will shine

I would write a thousand words
If I thought that it'd mean the world to you
But I think i've lost my patience and my grace
Just like this summer heat
It won't stay

Dancing in a heat mirage because we're close
But I know we won't be the same
Blooming back and forth
I'm flower bored
Will we be the same?

Bend, don't break
It's my mistake

Summer runs through the winter months
I don't like it but that's not enough
Sour love on my sunburned taste buds
I'm not bitter I'm just hanging on
If our hearts ring out of tune
They'll harmonize in June
I thought of you and what I should do
I don't want to waste you

I love you

- Justin W.